Monday, October 4, 2010

And Another Month Bites the Dust...

Whew... I can't believe it. Another month down and it is October and has been chilly(highs near 90 and lows around 70) in Texas. I know, a practical Ice Age and what a month! We have been to Chicago, made part of a bookshelf, started pre-school, went to a good friend's wedding, made crafty boots with Callie, carved pumpkins with Casey, rode our first roller coaster and got to hang out with Mary's family.
First we went to Dane's wedding reception in Chicago and we got to see fish and wear a suit which was both really cute and Kaylie was looking very dapper in her new shoes and hair flower.

Carter also met his brand new friend (well he had met Grayden before, but now they were old enough to be classified as friends). It turned out well, but Carter wasn't walking quite yet so he wasn't able to partake in things like eating dirt, which Grayden did some of, and he has to sit on the sidelines while the rest of the family played red light, green light (and I do mean rest of, it was like a 15 person event).
I had to come back home so I could go to work but Mary and the kids stayed a week with Grammy and Grandy and went to the Sandwich Fair where they had a fair sandwich and Kaylie rode a roller coaster for the first time, but the achievement fell a little flat when we were too short to ride the Ferris Wheel, 6 more inches! Kaylie made up for it by boldy mounting every other ride present, which was quite a feat by itself, but she did it all by herself.
Carter drank a little bit out of a real mug which turned out to be quite the treat.

Thus ended the madness and the family came home!!
After all of this craziness we came home and had my birthday where I got help opening a shovel, an oil changing setup, a creeper, a gift certificate to Game Stop, a vacuum sealer and a "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock" t-shirt. (If I left anyone's gift out I am very sorry and thanks for the gift!) So it basically boils down to I can change my oil, shovel it into a bag and seal it up while wearing a shirt and playing games, I am in! Luckily however I am a practical kind of guy so we decided to plant vegetables in the fall, what could go wrong? Well, at least it looks good.

Kaylie also started pre-school which she is completely excited about and comes home to do "homework" which Mary has to make up for her, but she is doing so well at everything, she can count to 20 (sometimes we need help at 16), she was adding in the car the other day and then helped us count the right number of vegetables per square foot in the garden! All while making it look fashionable in no other color except pink of course...
Anyway, that about wraps it up from here, I close with a few more pictures (and in the last one, we aren't flying, we are "running with our arms out because flying is in the sky")

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  1. Awww. They are so cute! Love that preschool pic and the one of Carter in the high chair!