Thursday, August 26, 2010

Having Friends

So I think it is important to have friends as children and apparently Kaylie has found one (for now) because the last couple of days has been super cute around the house. Kaylie doesn't mind too much but she was playing with Carter in the living room and they were rolling the soccer ball back and forth and both thought it was good fun... well at least it was until Kaylie thought it would be cute to "holdtheballsomybrothercan'tgetit". Well that worked really well until Carter did it back and she started whining at him "Commme onnnn Carter, let me have it..." I just wanted to say, "You taught him sweetie".
Kaylie is getting a lot better about sharing though and absolutely can't wait to go to school! She has been learning a lot and actually listening about 5% of the time when we try to teach her about letters or numbers. We were in the car driving to look at furniture since my lovely wife loves to CraigList (not saying it is a bad thing), and she saw a sign for the bridge height and said, "I see one, seven." I then told her that one-seven meant seventeen and asked "if one-seven is seventeen, what is one-eight." She took a second and donned her "deep in thought face" and answered "eighteen!" So learning is not such a terrible thing after all apparently as can be seen in this book picture. Carter really didn't care so much about the reading part as he did about the turn-the-page part. That was the fun stuff. He is able to walk around when he doesn't think about it. If you put him down on his feet or if you put him in front of people he absolutely won't do it, but I have seen him walk across the living room when he wanted something on the table.
Here we were making "glasses" at each other and Carter thought it was big fun to play along, though I am not sure how much use he is going to get out of his pair. Kaylie got significant mileage out of hers over the course of the evening.
Bath time has also become a joint effort since it is easier to corral both of them if they are together and more like rounding up cats if they aren't. At least they are clean when it is over, as well as the wall, dad's shirt, the floor and most of the rug.

Here are just a few more pictures. One is of the pizza we made which was fantastic (ignore the not quite so round and flat part). We had trouble getting it to come off of the pizza slider and go onto the pizza stone in the oven so it didn't turn out juuust right, but tasted fantastic none the less, especially with home grown tomatoes and garlic from my pops. The last is a picture off of our back porch and like all amateur photography, just doesn't do the real life thing justice.


  1. MARY!!!!!! I just 'refound' your blog!!!!!! We need to get together!!!!! We're back at Fort Hood... but I no longer have your phone number! Call me!!!!!!! MiSS YOU!!

  2. And if it feels like I'm shouting at you, well, it's b/c I am! lol :-) I really would love to hang out; I just didn't know how to get ahold of ya.

  3. Reedo-hello you der? If so -blog some, ok thanks. If not- well that's fooey. -Love, Blogless Fi