Saturday, October 31, 2009

Greetings from the Enterprise with Butterflies!

Happy Halloween! Today was great fun with all the trick or treating, sitting out in the lawn giving out candy and the costumes! Kaylie tried to get into her Pa's jacket pocket at all the 'scary' costumes and decorations, but managed to get a bucketful of loot anyways after they walked up and down the entire street.

Kaylie wanted to be a pink sparkly butterfly. check.

And she wanted fancy pink sparkly makeup. check.

Here we are in our costumes. Well, except me. I'm boring. But Kaylie as the pink sparkly butterfly. Reed as Spock. And Carter as Captain Kirk. Quite a team!

The brainpower of the Enterprise. Ready for action!

And a close up of Reed! "Live long and prosper!" Spock.