Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thanks Dad!

So my Dad is an awesome woodworker. He has made most of the furniture I owned. My favorite being of course my coffee table. Recently he brought us his old bedstead in hopes of us converting it into a more grown-up entertainment center for our living room. Our old one being a college dorm holdout made from a stolen sign, plywood and a set of drumsticks - yes drumsticks!

Reed and I finally got all the pieces in the living room and spent all weekend putting it together and arranging all the cords and such. It was a bigger job than anticipated, but now that we have the space for it, all the gaming consoles are out and the tv actually fits and the dvd's are hidden. It is a beautiful thing!

Without further ado...

Thanks Dad! It looks great!


  1. I remember the old entertainment system . . . I had the matching one, with concrete blocks and 2x4s! So glad you have a blog!!!

  2. That does look great! So glad you have a blog! :)