Monday, October 19, 2009

Pretty Pumpkins...

So I always keep my dining room table set. It stays decorated with the season or holiday always ready for dinner. Or lunch. Or any other meal that would need china and crystal. Yes, we actually eat here sometimes.

And because it is fall, I have way too many pumpkins out all smooshed together in the middle. They make me happy.

And Reed, now you have proof on the internet that I do this, and usually make you help me :)


  1. Love it! You are so dang creative!

  2. Beautiful! Maybe one day I'll have a dining table and can do the same thing!

  3. This is beautiful, Marnie Barney. I should do this - right now my dining room table is covered with 2 quilts in process. Love you

  4. This is gorgeous! I love what you did.