Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yes, We are STILL alive...

Reed is making me blog.

He is cleaning up the dinner that he made, while dealing with Carter and getting Kaylie showered and ready for bed... and making me blog. Apparently "the masses" think I've died. When I told him I didn't have masses... he told me Fi was upset. So Fi, you are apparently "the masses" - thought you'd want to know.

Since Halloween...

There was Thanksgiving...

And Christmas...

And a bunch of other really important stuff that happened...

And closer to now, we have recently bought a house, moved to a new city (still close, but different), Carter turned 1, cut 9 teeth, and Carter is working on walking while Kaylie is on the verge of reading.

This is Carter eating his blue frosted cake for his birthday... apparently trying to truly become a smurf.

Carter and his almost invisible eyebrows, probably thinking about what he can get into next, especially with the help of his sister!

Kaylie was super helpful painting her new room. She had a princess pink apron and gloves and actually did some painting... she's not bad. Her room is now entirely cotton candy pink. It seriously glows from the hallway. And she absolutely loves it!

The kids on their new favorite chair, the windowsill. Not sure how it became so fun, but they both sit there if given the chance. I didn't even make them sit together, I just got the camera.

The new house. We love it. Still working out the details, but we have time, plenty of time!

And finally, all of us sitting on the new fireplace hearth. And hopefully I will be able to post pictures of the house progress soon. And more pictures in general. I. will. do. better.


  1. I'm part of the masses, too! Missed you tons! The kiddos are getting SO BIG! :)

  2. I second that! I'm a mass, too! ;) Loved the pics. And I love each and every one of you!! -Red

  3. Me three I guess :) I'm behind on blogging, too. It is much easier to catch up on reading other people's than it is to write mine...

    The kids are super cute! :)

  4. Yaay you've returned! -Fi

  5. I am one of the "masses" too! Love the pictures. Can't wait to see you. Aunt Joan